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Pollen Sneaking Into Your House? We Can Help!!

The sight of the pink blossoms of a cherry tree is a sure sign winter has finally left and warmer weather is in the horizons.  Everything looks and feels like spring from the comfort of your indoors, but once you take your first step outside your quickly reminded that spring definitely has it’s fair share of woes.  

Those woes are in the form of a yellow/green powdery substance which can trigger a sneezing frenzy while changing the color of your vehicle.  Yes, we are talking about…pollen.  Although we all want to open up those window and get some fresh air in, for most its best to keep the yellow stuff out.  We want to help you pollen allergy sufferers keep your house as pollen free as possible, so we created this helpful list of things you can do today.

Consider keeping the car garage kept.  If at all possible, whenever possible.  It seems the car is just a pollen magnet, and not just dark colored cars!!  Pollen manages to find it way to land on every surface of your vehicle, including your handles.  In addition to keeping the car in the garage, rinse it off whenever you can.  

Leave those shoes at the door.  As soon as you get in the house, remove your shoes, which can track pollen throughout your house.  

Operation Decontamination.  Whether you’ve been out doing yard work, or been out enjoying the comfortable weather, you’ll need to get the pollen off your body and clothes.  This will help reduce the spread of pollen all over the house.  We definitely recommend not sitting down on any furniture.

YUP! It’s in your hair too. An often overlooked culprit of the transference of pollen is your head, literally.  If you are opposed to wearing a hat or bandana, this may cause some issues for you.  Pollen finds it way onto your hair, so if you’re extremely sensitive to pollen it may be best to wash your hair every night or change your pillow case often.  

Windows and doors must stay closed.  If you’re taking measures to wash the pollen from your car, your clothes, and hair… the last thing you want to do is create a wide open entry way for pollen to enter your home.  Keep windows and door closed as much as possible.  In addition, it would help to run your A/C to trap pollen in your air filters (which you may want to change as much as every month).

We hope you’ll find these tips useful.  We’d love to hear different measures you’re taking to help any allergy sufferers make it through this pollen season.

JEM Cleaning and Property Maintenance LLC is a fully insured and bonded commercial cleaning company.  We specialize in cleaning and maintaining commercial office locations in and around Piscataway, NJ.  Additionally, we also handle move in/move out cleaning projects.  

Please contact us today to discuss any upcoming cleaning needs you may have in the near future.  We can be reached at 732-515-5570.

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