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Professional Sanitizing Services

JEM Cleaning and Property Maintenance LLC uses materials which are approved by the EPA for effective reduction in exposure to viruses.


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JEM Cleaning and Property Maintenance LLC is now offering sanitizing treatment for commercial office spaces.  By using EPA approved cleaning solutions we offer a proactive approach to the reduction of exposure to COVID-19.

Our technicians will schedule a pre-sanitizing appointment to review our process and determine what measures must be taken to ensure our treatment will not affect your essential business operations.

Upon completion of the pre-sanitizing appointment we will enter your workplace after hours and apply the solution to all touchpoint areas while wearing all necessary personal protection equipment.

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JEM Cleaning and Property Maintenances Sanitizing treatments are an added service to a typical a deep clean.   Sanitizing treatments are done using a misting machine to coat the entire surfaces.  The key to making sure the surface is sanitized involves letting the product “dwell”.  During this treatment it is important all surfaces are clear of clutter.  We will wipe clean any surface prior to application. 


We incorporate multiple methods of application of this product as in integral part of our sanitizing regimen.

Our technicians will focus on all high point touch location.  By using various methods will allow the disinfectant to promote a stronger antibacterial and antiviral effect.

One additional requirement for sanitization treatment involves reviewing our prep sheet describing how to prepare for the treatment.  It is also recommended all areas being treated by our sanitizing service are vacant for a minimum of 2 hours to allow the product to thoroughly dry after treatment.

We recommend treatment take place weekly or bi-weekly to decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria.  Contact us to discuss your sanitizing needs.


Treatment Preparation Steps

  • Remove any materials that could be damaged by moisture in the treatment area
  • All food items MUST be removed from areas to be treated.
  • Food containers and utensils should be stored away in cupboards or drawers.
  • All pets need to be removed from the disinfectant area.

Post Treatment Steps

Apart from enjoying peace of mind for you and your staff, the following quick housekeeping tips should be noted for continued success between disinfection services

  • Any moisture remaining should be dried with a paper towel then disposed of.
  • Rinse any food/drinking containers before use if they were left in exposed areas.
  • Rinse all food prep surfaces with clean water



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