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3 Tips to Keeping a Tidy Office

While working, either from a home office or elsewhere, you’re likely to spend a lot of time in front of your desk.  Probably more time here than you would If your day is anything like mine, you’ll have your hands on everything from keyboards, to the mouse, to your phone, and let’s not forget the coffee maker. Touching all these items you could be exposing yourself to germs, or leaving germs behind.   Multiply this time a couple of people or more and you now have a great reason to keep your place of business clean. The question then becomes.. how?

To go beyond cutting down the clutter, going on a filing rampage, and shredding every document in sight, follow these simple rules for keeping a tidy office.

1) The number one rule of keeping a clean office is to not let things get out of hand.  What if we told you for 15 minutes a day if you spent time cleaning up what was in front of you, like papers, notes, and odds and ends you’ll work more efficiently and learn to stay on top of any and all piles.

 2) Some office environments are sticklers for this one… no eating at the desk.  Although this is tough when in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and going home, we all get the urge to snack on something.  A lot of offices are enforcing this rule to help reduce dirt and crumbs as these could potentially bring bugs.  Additionally, if you work in a place that is asking for not eating to be done at the desk, chances are they have also eliminated wastebaskets.

 3) Speaking of waste baskets, it’s easy to think of the garbage can to be the end of life for some of its contents.  However, anyone that has taken out the trash at home can attest to seeing some remnants in the bottom of the can or even the wall behind the can.  Just think about what could be lurking under your wastebasket bag, under your wastebasket, or on the vertical surfaces around them.  These areas are where germs and bacteria could grow which is why cleaning them regularly should be part of our daily, weekly, or monthly habits.

If keeping your office in or near Bridgewater, NJ tidy or clean has become more of a task than you care to handle, we encourage you to reach out to the best NJ office cleaning company, JEM to handle your office cleaning needs.

JEM Cleaning and Property Maintenance LLC is a fully licensed and bonded office cleaning and facility maintenance company.  We service Bridgewater, NJ and its surrounding areas.

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